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"50 Years of Wisdom, New Brilliance" -- B-energy Shangrao Coach's 50th Anniversary of Its Establishment Came to a Successful Conclusion

At the 50th anniversary of the establishment of shangrao bus, in order to carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity, dedication, innovation and transcendence, enrich staff cultural activities, enhance staff physique and the cohesion of the company, on the morning of October 19, the general manager office of the company's administrative center organized the staff of all departments to carry out vigorous walking activities.More than 200 employees from all departments of the company, including 16 teams, participated in this activity.

This walking activity starts from the old passenger car factory of Shuinan Street, the starting point of Shangrao Coach, passes through the current production area, and finally reaches the production base of 20,000 new energy commercial vehicles annually.With a total journey of 18 kilometers, we measure the glorious course of Shangrao Coach in 50 years with sonorously footsteps, and march towards a new journey of high-quality development of Shangrao Coach with firm steps.

Before the activity began, the deputy director of the general manager of the company's administrative center, Chen Jinbiao, introduced the activity rules, safety instructions and related matters needing attention to the participants. Xu Chunjiang, executive deputy general manager of the company attended the launch ceremony and delivered a speech.Mr. Xu first wish the event a complete success, looking forward to participating in the event colleagues can successfully reach the end.At the same time, said this year is the 50th anniversary of the company's establishment, to carry out walking activities, can be said to be of great significance.From the old bus factory to the new factory, we review the development of Shangrao Coach, from one starting point to another new starting point, showing the spirit of inheriting Shangrao Coach generation after generation, and writing a magnificent chapter of Shangrao Coach generation after generation.


At eight o 'clock in the morning, the vigorous walking activity formally opened the curtain, everyone high spirits, stride forward, cheerful laughter, carefree sweat, all the while swinging on the road of vigorous walking.At 10:47 a.m., the final assembly team reached the terminal with the slogan of "learn from others and try my best".Followed by the preparation department vanguard, interior and exterior decoration department general manager equipment department formed by the red vanguard team and chassis department Houde Changsheng team and other departments of the team arrived at the end point.Chen Liwang, general manager of Shangrao Coach infrastructure project department, awarded prizes to the top three teams.And to congratulate them, and hope that in the future we can work together to create a new brilliant Shangrao Coach.




After the end of the activity, everyone said: in the half-day activity process, if not the support of the team strength, will not be so successful through the whole process.Whenever I want to give up, my team members always give me help and support silently, and give me confidence and strength.



One person can go very fast, but a group of people can go very far.Over the past 50 years, the brilliant development of Shangrao Coach is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of Shangrao guests. Shangrao Coach has also given Shangrao guests numerous memories and honors.In the future, Shangrao Coach will continue to move forward, continue to write good performance.We have been on the road, as long as the departure, will arrive!