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Communicate Well and Succeed Well -- "Effective Communication" Open Class Ended Successfully

Communication is a process of information transmission and exchange between people through language, words, symbols or other forms of expression. It shows the process of communication, the focus of emotions and the collision of thoughts. In order to improve the scientific and artistic nature of employee communication and create an efficient and harmonious working atmosphere, on the morning of August 28, 2019, the course "effective communication" organized by human resources department was successfully carried out in the training room on the 5th floor of Shuangchuang Innovation Park. This course attracted a total of 83 students from various centers to participate actively.In this course, Chen desheng, director of the administrative management center, is specially invited as the lecturer.


At the beginning of the course, the lecturer introduces the importance of communication with an easy video.Success =85% communication and interpersonal relationship +15% professional knowledge and technology. Effective communication can help employees understand the organizational environment, reduce resistance to change, reduce friction disputes and differences of opinions, and enhance team cohesion.


In class, the lecturer directly cut into the topic, elaborated the definition and characteristics of communication, and introduced the basic model of communication through a simple drawing game: from the sender to the receiver, through the process of thinking, coding, transmission, perception, decoding and understanding. Based on his rich experience and experience accumulated over the years, combined with video, games, actual combat drills and other ways, around the types and obstacles of communication, Chen Shared practical tips on how to communicate effectively. The content was rich and colorful, the language was vivid and philosophical, and the students had a lot of feedback in the later stage.

Oil magnate John d. Rockefeller once said, "if human communication were a commodity like sugar or coffee, I would pay the price of anything under the sun for it."Communication is everywhere, all the time.Through this training, students fully understand the importance and artistry of effective communication, pay more attention to the application of effective communication in daily work, take the initiative to overcome communication barriers, learn and master communication skills, so as to improve communication efficiency, enhance work execution and promote the benign development of work.Enterprise management in the past is communication, now is communication, future or communication, the future is very long, let us start from the present, heart communication, hand in hand to build Shangrao Coach a better future!