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50th anniversary of Shangrao Coach "Talent Challenge"

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of B-energy Shangrao Coach, on the afternoon of May 23rd, Shangrao Coach held the “Talent Challenge”.

There are eight projects in the "Talent people competiton": kicking shuttlecock, skipping rope, push-ups (male), sit-ups (female), throwing darts, standing long jump (male), standing long jump ( Female), returning to run.

The diversity and interest of the “Talent Challenge” project made the event extremely hot during the registration period. The event scene is even more lively, lets follow editor to see the event! 



The exciting and interesting competitions are about to begin, and all the contestants are warming up for the show.

| kicking shuttlecock |


| sit-ups |


| push-ups |


| returning to run |


| throwing darts |


| standing long jump |


After fierce competition in eight project events, our referees ranked the rankings according to the scores of each project.


Finally, we come out Champion, second place, third place, which was obtained by the preparation department, the administrative center, and the technology department. The success of the 50th anniversary of B-energy Shangrao Coach not only enriched everyone's spare time, but also built a platform for employees to show their activities and express themselves, deepening the employees' feelings towards the company and further letting everyone feel the charm of themself and team!