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Shangrao Coach Automatic-driving Bus



In 1969, on the south bank of Xinjiang River, Shangrao Coach Factory came into being under the glory of New China.

In 2019, B-energy Group Shangrao Coach stood at the forefront of the times, remembering the past and exploring the future.

Shangrao coach owns 50 years of history. The SR6590BEVZ self-driving bus, as a forward-looking product in the field of smart transportation, is a microcosm of the "present". It is hopefully that Shangrao coach will open up a new journey, and lead a brilliant future.

The SR6590BEVZ self-driving bus of B-energy group Shangrao Coach is different from the concept prototype product that stays in the Demo stage in the industry. It is not only a simple technology experience, but also a vector production and actual operation.

First, the product is based on a self-developed 6-meter pure electric chassis platform and a vehicle controller with independent intellectual property rights. Based on the characteristics of autonomous driving, the company has jointly developed a line-controlled steering and line control technology to make it more anthropomorphic. The self-driving dynamic ride experience and good ride are highly praised.


Second, the product has changed the way traditional cars are designed, and is completely passenger-centric. Shangrao Coach self-driving bus eliminates the traditional components such as rearview mirrors, instrument panel, steering wheel, steering column, brake pedal and accelerator pedal, which intuitively reflects the concept of driverless design. At the same time, the subway-type sliding door design enhances the ride experience. More importantly, the product is designed for business reception/circulation in the park, and the surrounding seats are arranged to create a warm and comfortable home style, giving people a feeling of being at home. Another 55-inch conference computer is equipped to meet the needs of mobile office. In the future, different interior designs will be available for different application scenarios.


Third, the product is equipped with multiple security configurations and wireless remote control systems. The self-driving bus is equipped with an emergency brake button to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of life and property. It is equipped with a 360° panoramic viewing system to reduce the risk of collision when moving the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle has a wireless remote control function with manual and automatic modes. In the manual mode, the vehicle can be driven by the wireless controller. In the future, 5G technology will also be added. With its large broadband and low latency characteristics, indicating the "Intelligent Networked Car", and the car networking system will be guided to improve the safety of automatic driving.

It is foreseeable that the large-scale application of automatic driving buses will undoubtedly reshape the way people travel. I look forward to one day, we no longer need to worry about road congestion, traffic accidents, and the rich life in the car, so that the road is no longer long. At the same time, Shangrao Coach is working on the automatic driving bus and move forward.