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Strengthening study, constantly striving to become a qualified "three-ability cadre"

A few days ago, I read an article called "Minister Xiang Zhaolun retired, and a good retirement life, Wen Jiabao's ministerial secretary told the law of survival of the organs", which made me very touched! The article is well written, summing up Xiang Zhaolun’s decades of work experience in state organs into an article. I think it is also applied to private enterprise, especially for administrative work.

The three basic competencies summarized in the article are: accurate and concise, logical and clear verbal and written expression skills; rigorous and meticulous, simple and efficient work ability; good communication, negotiation and cooperation ability. These three basic abilities are also the requirements of the "three-ability cadres." of group.

Good at doing: It means ability to accomplish work.

To be rigorous and meticulous, the key is to develop good work habits, that is, planning ahead, asking ahead, recording in paper, working in details, and summarizing afterwards. To do anything, first think clearly and clearly know what to do and who to do. This requires a detailed work plan, a good division of labor, in the process of implementation, more communication, more reporting, grasping the time node, as a manager should also do a good process control, provide guidance for colleagues, provide resources support and grasp the important nodes, ensure that the work direction does not deviate, and at the same time, ask for more instructions and report from superiors to ensure that the work direction is consistent with the company's strategy. It is necessary to report frequently to direct superiors, develop the habit of reporting every day, report important matters timely. Reporting for many times to avoid delays or mistakes, which will affect the development of the work.

Forming the habit of taking notes on work. As the saying goes: "Good memory is not as good as a bad pen", which means that good memory is not as good as writing with a pen. Some work may be forgotten after a long time, and records can be frequently read in the workbook. Since I joined the work, I have always insisted on the habit of making work notes. Especially important work must be recorded in the workbook, so that I can remind myself in time to complete the task. The administrative management work is complicated, some work is important and urgent, some work is urgent but not important, some work is important but not urgent. If the work record is done, i can orderly arrange every work according to work report to avoid situations that you may lose sight of others.

It is necessary to form a habit of summing up every time. Summing up can strengthen the accumulation of experience, do it better than last time, and avoid the same problem recurring, making our work more rational, more standardized, and constantly innovating. Thinking of  classic method of summarizing is very useful for summarizing work. It not only sorts out the process and analyzes the causes, but also virtually explores the behaviors that have not occurred, explores the possibilities and feasibility of other behaviors, and finds new ways and solutions. . If you can use this method of summarizing, I think it will be of great benefit to our work.

Good at speaking: literally means oral expression, in other words it the ability of communication.

The administrative department needs to deal with government departments frequently. Many government departments are very busy every day, and the time is very limited. This requires us to make clear what we want to say in the shortest time. The general things often require In three to five minutes, you should make it clear that every word you say is as precise as possible. Every paragraph is as concise and concise as possible. This will make the leader understand clearly so as to improve work efficiency. Similarly, cross-departmental communication is often involved within the enterprise, good communication skills can get better efficiency. Of course, the timing of communication is also very important. If you are looking for other departments to communicate a very difficult task, they need to spend more time and energy to cooperate, and when they are very busy, you will often be rejected or skirted. At the right time, they can actively cooperate to complete the task.

Good at writing: It means paper expression ability.

Firstly, the manuscript should shall have no doubt for yourself,  secondly, it be expressed clearly to superior and others. The manuscript is not only clear, but also you are able to speak. A good manuscript can be a speech. Everyone will get when you read it, this is the best manuscript. To write a good manuscript, we must first have a solid writing background. The writing skills are derived from profound cultural accomplishments and experience accumulation. This is a long-term process that requires more learning and more practice. Learn a good manuscript, practice regularly, and continue to improve your writing skills with long-term persistence. The second is to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant basic work and materials. As the saying goes: "The interlacing is like a mountain." If the material to be written is not fully grasped, then the professional person will know it will be a  layman. If you don't understand, you should ask someone who knows. You can't pretend to understand because of your own shyness. The sage is still not ashamed to ask, let alone our ordinary people. Once again, it is necessary to have good logical thinking ability, to clarify the time sequence and logical relationship, and to write a manuscript according to a reasonable logical relationship. It is not advocated that you write thousands of word with key point.

With the rapid development of the group, the requirements for talents are getting higher and higher. In order to make more contributions to the high quality, high speed, high efficiency development of group, i will strengthen learning and develop comprehensively from doing, speaking, writing.