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SR6101BEVG Pure Electric Coach


Exquisite Workmanship, Comprehensive Care

Independent Driving Compartment

Manipulation is without interference, and configuration is visualized. The utility model has the advantages of light steering, no clutch, manual push-button type automatic block mode, which can relief the working intensity of drivers and improve the safety of operation.

8- Year Battery Life

The cycle life is more than 2000 times under normal temperature, and the storage life is more than 15 years.

High Energy Density Battery

The core applies a high energy density lithium iron phosphate battery. The service life cycle and reliability are better than battery products adopted by other domestic manufacturers

The Vehicle Has A Powerful Engine

Adopted high pressure water cooling permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive, the utility model has the advantages of wide range of road conditions, reasonable matching of power performance and excellent acceleration performance, high efficiency, energy saving, stable performance, high reliability, low operating noise, etc.

Fully Loaded Body Structure

The front and rear sides are made of high strength steel and stamping parts, and are processed by phosphatization and electrophoresis. Quantitative SKYACTIV-BODY makes the weight of the whole vehicle much lighter, and the efficiency of comprehensive energy saving higher.

Seat Layout





SR6101BEVG   SR6101BEVG1

Basic Parameter


10090×2460×3050/3200(Air Conditioner

Wheel Base(mm)


Rated Passengers(Person)

82/10-40   75/10-40

Front/Rear Wheels Distance(Mm)


Vehicle Performance Parameters

Maximum Permissible Gradient(%)


Minimum Clearance (MM)


Minimum Turning Radius (M)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Motor Parameters

Motor Type

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Dc Motor

Maximum Speed Of Motor

3000   2600

Maximum Torque Of Motor (N.M)


Motor Rated Power (KW)

130   102

Maximum Power Of Motor (KW)

250   150

Battery Specification

Power Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Charging Time(H)(60KW Dc Charging Machine)


Power Battery Capacity (KWH)

138.28   141.3

Chassis System

Chassis Model

Unitary Construction Body


10R22.5,275/70R22.5 without inner Tires and radial Tires

Vehicle Axles

Domestic 5.5 T tray front axle, domestic 9T drum rear axle, optional disc rear axle

Steering System

Electric Power Steering

Suspension System

Front 3 Rear 4 Less Spring, Optional Air Suspension

Braking System

Air pressure double circuit driving brake, energy storage spring parking brake, with ABS

Main Body Assembly

Passenger Door

Front and rear double inner pendulum pneumatic passenger door, optional front single and back double inner pendulum passenger door


Domestic plain paint, optional metal paint


12-15MM green floor, domestic anti-flaming - durable floor leather

Defrost System

Electric defrost (cancelled if with independent water heating )

Air Conditioning System

24000 kcal electric single cold air conditioning, optional heating air conditioning, optional independent water heating system

Back-Sight Visual System

Deluxe pole vision rearview mirror(left short right long)


High back driver chair (shock absorber)/engineering plastic hard surface passenger seat

Side Window

Lower closed and upper push-pull aluminum frame side window, optional built-in side window

Other Configuration

Luxurious interiors, folding curtain, passenger handrails, rings, LED electronic signs, GPS, electronic clock, 2 dry powder fire extinguishers, battery box, automatic fire extinguishing device, CAN bus instrumentation, back door + 2 probe color monitor, etc

Audio-Visual System

MP3 player, optional multimedia playback system

Create Values and Win Reputation with Services

People Oriented, Customer Foremost. Refined high performance products, diversified sales channels as well as professional and consummated service system are three integral parts of the same importance. The Customer Service Department tailors considerate services for the customers.


Whole Life Cycle Service

Pay a return visit within three months after the purchase of the new vehicle


We have achieved 23 national patents for new energy vehicles by so far. The technology and products have been recognized by the national authoritative inspection institutions and the scientific and technological departments, and the performance of the whole vehicle is good. What is more, a number of core indexes have reached " the international advanced level "in terms of power performance.

The Largest Service Team In The Industry

SHANGRAO COACH has the largest first-line market service team in the industry, providing customers with maintenance, accessories and technical services at any time.

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